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"Many of my problems had been brought on by the overuse of antibiotics, which had created internal problems (put down to Irritable Bowel Syndrome by many doctors) and multiple food intolerances..  Conventional medication masked most of my problems but Kinesiology gave a true reading of what was happening internally and, with  support from Anjani I reamin very well".
- Alison

"We are having a lovely time on holiday...  I'm really pleased with myself, we took the bus 15 miles up the road to the sea. I could'nt have done that a year ago. It's all thanks to your wonderful treatment".
- Rachel 

"In October 2004 I was diagnosed with Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome. This left me feeling totally exhausted all the time.
Trying to find a ‘cure’ is difficult and to start with I tried Homeopathy – however this did not suit my body and it was suggested I tried Kinesiology which was a mixture of therapies. In February 2005 I visited Anjani for the first time. She explained everything she would do to me and told me that it was not a ‘quick fix’ and that it would take time for my body to heal and recover. Every visit is different and the outcome is always encouraging as my illness changes and develops in different ways.
I look forward to my visit’s as I know that I will leave feeling uplifted as Anjani listens to me and gives me hope against my illness. After 18 months of treatment I have now completed my GCSE’s successfully, live a fairly normal life and just went back to my first game of hockey".
- V Shirley (Age 16, Staffordshire) 


"I suffered chronic insomnia, not being able to get asleep, waking frequently and being awake though desperately tired, for hours.  I had stomach pain, which I felt might be my kidneys or bladder and chronic backache, coupled with muscular pain in other areas of my body.  When I say I had chronic backache, I used to almost cry getting in and out of my car and I could not stand for more that a few minutes.  I could no longer hold my urine and found I would get caught out. I found myself spaced out at times, suffering palpitations and being irritable.  I was demotivated and far less social.  Along with all of that I was finding that I was having memory problems, word finding difficulties, which is not ideal in my job as I am a counsellor.  I had also steadily been putting on weight.

So I did what we are told to do and trundled off to my GP.  The treatment I got there was shocking.  He was harried, aggressive, huffing and puffing.  I had and x-ray, scan and blood tests; the rest of the tests came back with no abnormality detected.

I then decided to look at alternatives.  I booked to see a kinesiologist . . .

She tested me for food allergies and suggested I cut out all white processed food, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol.  She requested that I ate regularly (every 2 or 3 hours) as I was having sugar highs and then crashed.  She identified I was not eating enough, odd that we put on weight when we are eating less than we should.  She stated that I was suffering from adrenal fatigue.  That my system had been in fight for survival mode for so long, that when I no longer needed to fight and could relax, my body was not able to do it.  All of what she said made sense.  I went home after treatment and brought an amazing book on adrenal fatigue and another one on low blood sugar; and all my symptoms matched.  So I followed to the letter her advice.  She had also recommended some specific vitamin and mineral supplements.

Now here is the really amazing bit.  Within in 3 weeks of making the changes my chronic backache was gone.  My stomach pain was less, thought still occurring, my short temper had improved.  That extreme fatigue I talked about was not gone and I just had general ‘life tiredness’. My memory problems and word finding difficulties had improved.  I found my motivation and interest in being social was slowly improving.  The incontinence had reduced and I was no longer feeling spaced out.

Recovering from adrenal fatigue takes time, however 4 months later I am feeling amazing.  I understand my body much more and can read the symptoms.  I am still following a healthy eating plan and do not crave anything I have cut out and my kinesiologist said i can now follow the 80:20 rule whereby 20% of the time I have treats. I have also started going to the gym again.

I am still seeing my kinesiologist every five weeks and I cannot praise her highly enough for her skills in diagnosis and her knowledge regarding health and nutrition.  So from the bottom of my heart I want to thank Anjani Ghelani for her wisdom, help and support .  Anjani I could not have made it without you!"
- jacqui@counselling4change.com


"With hindsight I realise I have suffered from Psoriasis for over 40 years, initially in a very mild form of small spots on the upper body. About 15 years ago, the condition worsened to very large elbow patches. Around then I had been diagnosed with gluten and dairy intolerance - when I avoided these it helped my condition but did not cure it. However, 10 years ago after a stressful event in my life my Psoriasis flared up most severely and was particularly bad on my legs to the point where public swimming & showering were difficult as the intense redness of the damaged skin was so apparent. When dry the skin condition could produce large amounts of flaky skin dropping out onto the floor or bed at inconvenient times. I came to see Anjani at the end of April 2012 and within 3 treatments my skin has improved substantially. I can now see my clear skin, the body hair has started to grow again and I no longer need to fear those falls of flaky skin. I was treated for chemical, sugars and sweeteners that my body was adversely reacting to, using an allergy elimination technique. This was completely non-invasive, very relaxing and after each treatment I felt energetically balanced".
- B Dunning (Leicester) 

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